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    forklift truck

    forklift truck
    Product name:forklift truck
    Category:forklift truck



    · Cab designby SIP point , conform to EN- ISO 5353, ensure compartment with great

      comfortable and fatigue- free operating.

    · Leak-free O-rings imported from Japan NOK face sealfittings reduce leaks

    · Drive axleand steering axle , transmission made by TCM technology , float type structure

    achieve a flexible connection between engine and frame , reduce vibrationsgreatly. JAPAN

    SHIMADSU type hydraulic pump with low noise

    · The cylinder have dual safety system --- withlowering safety valve and lowering limited valve. 


    · Advanced multifunction LCD/digital display providesfast and accurate Monitoring truck status.

    · Thecylinder offers new design by dual safety system --- with lowering safety valveand lowering limited valve.

    · The electric F/R lever with neutral safety startsystem.

    · Anintelligent sensor and buffer monitoring system:  with safety checkvalve to absorb the mast drop speed

       automatically to avoid crashing the floorand damaging goods.

    Ergonomics & Efficiency:

    · Wide view mast, clear visibility.

    · Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers design offers bigoperation space.

    · Adjustable tilt steering column offers the mostcomfortable operator position.

    · The optional of the magnetic electric F/R controllever ,simple for operation and less efforts.

    · Low noise<82AB(A) : sound absorbing material mounted within the front engine cover,with

    .air intake system on the back pillars of overhead guard .maximum reducesthe noise.

    · New designed aluminum structural radiators. 

    Easy Maintenance:

    · Insulatedengine cover with gas-filled cylinders with automatic locking device to assistin opening and

      preventing the cover from unexpected closing. The cover canopens up to 78-90 degrees.

    · Steeringaxle uses the traverse tanks. The compact construction with large openspace, easy to maintain.

    · Use integral sealed electric circuitry. Optimizedthe control system and easy maintenance.

    · Floor board are easily removed, reduce time forquick service assess. 

    capacaity: from 1.5 MT to 42MT series

    types: diesel forklift, gasoline forklift, electric forklift

    fork length: 900,1000,1100,1170,1270mm

     Model FD25/FG25FD30/FG30FD35/FG35
     Power DieselGasolineDieselGasolineDieselGasoline
     Operation type seatseatseat
     Capacity/rated loadQ(kg)250030003500
     Load centre distancec(mm)500500500
     Lift heighth3(mm)300030003000
     Load distance,centre of drive axle to forkx(mm)485485485
     Service weightkg398043504457
     Axle loading,laden front/rearkg5702/7786468/8827002/955
     Axle loading,unladen front/rearkg1592/23881740/26101783/2674
     Tyres type Pneumatic/solidPneumatic/solidPneumatic/solid
     Tyre size, frontmmΦ676*190 / Φ657*172Φ710*220 / Φ695*218Φ710*220 / Φ695*218
     Tyre size, rearmmΦ540*160 / Φ527*150Φ590*175 / Φ577*162Φ590*175 / Φ577*162
     Wheels,number front rear(x=driven wheels) 2x2 / 4x22x2 / 4x22x2 / 4x2
     Tread, frontb10(mm)97010001000
     Tread, rearb11(mm)970970970
     Tilt of mast//fork carriage forward/backwardGrad12°12°12°
     Height, mast loweredh1(mm)2040-26542070-26842070-2684
     Free lifth2(mm)000
     Height, mast extendedh4(mm)406770674250725042507250
     Height of overhead guard (cabin)h6(mm)206020902090
     Seat height / stand heighth7(mm)105210641064
     Overall lengthl1(mm)365037503860
     Length to face of forksl2(mm)258026802790
     Overall widthb1(mm)115012051225
     Fork dimensionss/e/l(mm)40/130/107045/130/107045/140/1070
     Fork carriage DIN 15173,class/type A,B 2A3A3A
     Fork - carriage widthb3(mm)116012001200
     Ground clearance,laden,below mastm1(mm)125135135
     Ground clearance,centre of wheelbasem2(mm)135150150
     Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysAst(mm)379039504000
     Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwaysAst(mm)359037503800
     Turning radiusWa(mm)219023502400
     Internal turning radiusb13(mm)875902902
     Travel speed, laden / unladenkm/h018020020
     Lift speed, laden / unladenm/s460450400
     Lowering speed ,laden / unladenm/s<600<600<600
     Max. drawbar pull,laden/ unladenN151201712021600
     Max. gradeability,laden/ unladen%20/2720/2720/27
     Acceleration time, laden/unladens3/42/34/53/44.5/5.53/4
     Engine manufacturer / type 490BPG/C240/4TNE92K21/K25/491490BPG/C240/4JG2/4TNE92/4TNE98K25/491490BPG/498BPG/4JG2/4TNE98K25/491
     Engine power acc. To ISO 1585kW37/34.3/34.731/37.4/4137/34.3/44.2/34.7/44.337.4/4137/36.8/44.2/44.337.4/41
     Rated speedR/Min2650/2500/24502300/2300/25002650/2500/2450/2450/2300/25002300/25002650/2400/2450/23002300/2500
     Type of drive control mechanical/hydraulicmechanical/hydraulicmechanical/hydraulic
     Operating pressure for attachmentsMpa16.516.516.5
     Sound level at the driver's ear acc.to DIN 12053dB(A)<82<82<82
     RemarkThe data based on the lifting height 3000mm; Lifting height from 3000mm to 6000mm are available.



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